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    Even the sturdiest siding materials can suffer from storm damage depending on a number of factors like the current condition of the siding and the severity of the weather condition. Fortunately, if your siding got damaged due to a storm, you can replace only the affected panels and not the entire siding.

    siding damaged by storm

    To give you an idea of what you can do about siding damage, here are a few tips below.

    What to Look for

    Some types of damage that you should look for are cracking and chipping. Cracks or splits may run parallel to your siding and appear as half circles. They are often found in between the valley and ridges of the panel. Meanwhile, chipping usually comes in the shape of a half circle at the bottom of a siding panel ridge. The siding does not have inward flexibility in this area, so the material won’t be able to absorb a direct hit, making it a vulnerable part during severe storms.

    Finding a Match

    This is a common challenge among homeowners because sourcing new materials that match the look of existing panels can be tricky. The manufacturer from where you purchased your original siding panels could no longer be in business or making the same product. Typically, in this case, homeowners choose to re-side their entire homes so that curb appeal won’t suffer. However, your insurance might not cover all the work or materials if you go with this choice.

    Making a Claim

    Siding that is damaged by a storm may also be covered by your insurance policy. Make sure that you have a good understanding of your coverage. Some policies may have an extra provision for re-siding your entire home even if only one area has been damaged. However, it’s still best to err on the safe side and assume that your insurance company will only cover the damaged side or panels. If they offer more, then it’s certainly a welcome surprise.

    Before filing a claim, make sure to hire a reliable contractor so that you can get a good estimate. This way, you’ll have an idea how much your insurance company will likely cover, and you can avoid settling for an offer that’s less than what you deserve.

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