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In order to get good results for your paint job, you should pay as much attention to the preparation as you would the actual work. Here are some tips on how to prepare your siding for painting.

1. Finish All Repairs

If you’re repainting your siding, it would also be a great time to check for any type of damage. Fix anything that needs to be repaired before doing the paint job. If a section of your siding needs to be replaced, get this done first. If you’re dealing with holes or cracks, these can be patched with an exterior filler.

Look beyond your siding, too. If you need to carry out window or roof replacement, consult with your contractor regarding the jobs that should be done before painting your siding.

2. Cover the Landscape

You can use canvas tarps to cover your flower beds, shrubs and sections of lawn. Part of the prep work is cleaning the siding, so you might want to protect your plants and shrubs from soapy water and other chemicals that might reach them.

3. Clean the Surface

Ensure the surface of your siding is squeaky clean before applying paint. Thoroughly check for mold and mildew, which can be easily cleaned with a diluted bleach solution. You can also opt for pressure washing to make the job go faster. However, make sure you’re using the equipment properly to avoid damaging the siding.

4. Remove Loose Paint

Remove old, peeling or blistering paint on your siding as this can affect the quality of your new paint. Some experts recommend removing all of the old paint from wood surfaces to ensure excellent paint quality. 

5. Prime All Bare Wood

Oil-based primers are usually recommended for bare wood because they are able to hide imperfections better than water-based products. Oil-based primers work well with acrylic or latex paint.

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