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    5 Roof Maintenance Myths Debunked

    With so many online resources for roofing advice and information, it’s not surprising that certain fallacies have also been seen on these sites. This makes it difficult to distinguish between beneficial advice from roofers and deceptive information from non-roofers while searching online.

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    8 Questions to Ask Your Gutter Installer

    Gutter systems are more than a decorative addition to your home or roof. They protect your foundation, siding and roof from water damage. That stated, gutters are vital in protecting your home and maintaining its structural integrity.

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    Your Helpful Guide to Choosing Siding Colors

    The most important purpose of your home’s siding is to protect your home. But it also affects your home’s exterior appearance and aesthetic. Your siding also influences your home’s resale value, so choosing the material and colors of your siding should be one of your priorities. Fortunately, to help you choose what’s the best color …

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    The Dangers of Stagnant Water in Gutters

    Your gutters play an important part in your roofing system. They protect your home from water damage, so you should diligently keep them properly maintained. To help you maintain your gutters, it is important to understand what can negatively affect them. One of the things that can cause your gutters to be compromised is keeping …

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    The Difference Between Roof Rafters and Trusses

    Your roof won’t be able to do its job of protecting your home from the elements without structural support, of which there are two types: rafters and trusses.

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    Warning Signs Your Roof Has a Leak

    Roof leaks need to be fixed as soon as possible. Otherwise, moisture damage can easily affect other parts of your home and complicate what should have been straightforward repairs. That’s why it’s important for homeowners to at least have a basic understanding of the warning signs of roof leaks.

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    Expert Tips on How to Combine Exterior Textures Effectively

    Mixing exterior textures is a great way of adding visual interest and character to your home. Residential siding and roof replacement contractors will often suggest that you mix textures to increase your home’s curb appeal as well as its overall value. But in order for it to work, it has to be done correctly. To help you …

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    3 Mistakes to Avoid When You’re Planning for a New Roof

    Your roof is probably the most important part of your home’s exterior so replacing it is definitely a huge deal. Unfortunately, many homeowners still make the mistake of giving such a major project too little thought during the initial planning stages. So, in today’s article, the residential roofing experts over at iRestore Stl share three common planning …

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    Gutter Installation

    What Are the Best Practices for Gutter Installation?

    With an efficient gutter system, you can delay the need for a roof replacement, avoid erosion and prevent basement flooding. When this part of your home has been compromised, you want to deal with the issue promptly. If your gutters are in bad shape, you could end up spending on costly repairs for water damage.

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    Is It Time to Get a New Roof for Your Home?

    Your roof beautifies your home while keeping it safe against harsh outdoor elements and weather conditions. It also plays a major role in maintaining good indoor air quality and keeping your living spaces comfortable. Eventually, your roof would need to be replaced like other components of your house.

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