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    Metal Roofing: Is It Worth the Cost?

    Every homeowner will have to plan for a roof replacement at least once. This could be due to the roof’s age, normal wear and tear, or storm damage. But regardless of the cause that necessitated a replacement, it’s important to have a good understanding of your options, especially if you are thinking of switching to …

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    How to Deal With Siding Damage After a Storm

    Even the sturdiest siding materials can suffer from storm damage depending on a number of factors like the current condition of the siding and the severity of the weather condition. Fortunately, if your siding got damaged due to a storm, you can replace only the affected panels and not the entire siding.

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    What to Consider for Your Mixed-Texture Exterior

    It’s important to carefully plan out your home’s exterior design. If you’re going for a mixed-texture exterior, then you may be wondering which combination you should choose. This is where you’ll need to work with an experienced exterior contractor like iRestore Stl so you can make the most out of your project. With our services, we’ll …

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    How We Take Care of Your Gutter Issues

    Even if you had your gutters replaced recently, that doesn’t mean you can put off routine maintenance until it’s absolutely necessary. Maintenance is important in keeping your gutters in good, shape especially since they’re always exposed to the natural elements. Certain issues can unexpectedly happen to your gutters, so they may need immediate attention and repair …

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    A Day in the Life of a Residential Roofing Contractor

    Your roofing contractor is one of the most reliable persons you will turn to if you need something done on your home’s roof. After all, it is risky to do these projects on your own, especially if you don’t possess the proper skills and tools to pull off the job properly. With that being said, …

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    Why Should You Replace Your Siding During the Winter?

    While it seems impractical to do siding or roof replacement projects during the winter, you can actually use this to your advantage. However, this doesn’t mean that you should wait until winter comes along to commit to your siding project, but rather that siding projects can be done anytime of the year, even during the colder months. …

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    Storm Damage

    The Most Common Storm Damage Myths and the Truth Behind Them

    Being proactive when it comes to storm damage means knowing the signs and the things to do when such an urgent issue concerning your home arises. Unfortunately, many homeowners still subscribe to certain beliefs that have since been debunked by residential roofing experts.

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    How to Prolong the Life of Your Gutters

    The lifespan of your home’s gutter system depends on several factors, particularly the type of material and the level of maintenance it receives. Aluminum and galvanized steel, two of the most popular gutter materials, usually last 20 years on average. Gutters made of premium materials like copper tend to last up to 50 years. However, …

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    Siding Replacement

    Preparing Your Home for Successful Siding Replacement

    Beautifully installed new siding can make any home look better on the outside and feel more comfortable to live in, too. Note, however, that replacing your siding is not a project you can do on a whim without risking failure or financial loss. Here are some ideas on how to adequately prepare yourself and your home …

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    Why a GAF Master Elite® Contractor Is Best for Your Home

    All homeowners need some guidance in easily identifying which roof replacement and repair contractor may help them best in improving their home. This is one of the reasons why GAF developed the Master Elite® certification program, which, since its inception, has helped match many of its customers with only the best roofing companies in their respective areas. …

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