Fraud Blocker Manufacturer-Certified Contractors: Why Work With One?

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    When looking for an exterior replacement contractor for general repairs or following something like a storm damage roof, it is important to ensure that you work with a reliable and experienced professional. One way of doing this is to work with a manufacturer-certified contractor. 


    Manufacturer-certified contractors provide the highest quality services and materials and are backed by the company they represent. Homeowners can achieve peace of mind knowing their projects will be completed professionally and efficiently. Learn more about manufacturer-certified contractors in today’s blog.

    What Qualifies as a Manufacturer-Certified Contractor?

    Manufacturer-certified contractors must meet strict criteria set by their respective companies to become certified installers or dealers of their products. These requirements vary from company to company but generally involve extensive training on proper installation techniques, safety protocols, customer service expectations, product knowledge and marketing strategies. 

    They must also meet all local licensing requirements for residential building projects. The certification process ensures only highly qualified professionals have authorized representatives of the brand’s products. This means customers can be confident that any job will be top quality and installed correctly.


    Manufacturer-certified contractors have years of experience completing successful exterior replacement projects using high-quality materials from major brands. These include the likes of James Hardie®, LP® SmartSide®, CertainTeed®, Tyvek®, GAF®/Elk™ shingle systems and more! By selecting a manufacturer-certified contractor, you can trust that your project will be completed correctly and within budget. These contractors are familiar with the specific materials used for exterior and home roof replacement in Edwardsville, IL, so you’re saving time and money for the best results possible.

    Quality Of Materials Used

    With any exterior repair, roof replacement or other home renovation job, there needs to be an assurance that high standards are met for material selection and installation practices. Many homeowners opt for using manufacturer-certified contractors since they can provide them both! 

    By choosing a contractor who has undergone rigorous certification processes from various leading brands such as those listed above, customers can rest assured knowing only top-quality components have been selected for their optimal performance against the environmental elements found here in Illinois, particularly the heat in summer and snow in winter.

    Warranty Offered By The Company

    Finally, another great benefit associated with hiring manufacturer-certified contractors is the company’s warranties. These warranties provide additional protection should something go wrong after completion so that any repairs will be covered at no extra cost. While non-certified companies do offer warranties, they may cost extra and may not be able to be as comprehensive or long-lasting as those backed by manufacturers.

    For homeowners in Edwardsville, IL, looking for a reliable and experienced exterior replacement and residential roofing contractor, look no further than iRestore STL LLC. We are a manufacturer-certified contractor with years of experience completing successful exterior replacement projects. We offer warranties on our workmanship and materials and provide exclusive discounts to our customers on future services. Contact us at (618) 593-9203 to schedule a free consultation for your commercial or residential roofing!