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    A new gutter system is a more straightforward project compared to an interior home remodel, but it will still require careful attention. Learning more about the project certainly doesn’t hurt, so any questions you may have concerning your gutter installation should be directed to your choice of contractor. Here are a few examples:

    1. “What types of gutters do you install?” Gutter systems generally come in two types: sectional and seamless. The former is the traditional choice and involves connecting separate metal segments together and stringing them along the roofline. While generally more cost-effective, sectional gutters are prone to leaks because of their many seams. The latter, on the other hand, might be the better choice. Seamless gutters are crafted using only a single, continuous piece of metal. Because they’re crafted to precise measurements, they’ll fit along the edge of your roof perfectly.

    Seamless gutters only have seams at the corners, which makes them less susceptible to leaks. They also create a sleeker, more finished look that adds to your home’s overall aesthetics. Just keep in mind that seamless gutters aren’t meant to be DIYed. If you’re having them installed, make sure to work with a dependable and experienced company like iRestore Stl. You can always count on us to craft and install high-quality seamless gutters that deliver superior draining performance.

    2. “What size gutters should I pick?” Gutters could range from four- to seven-inch lengths. The size of the gutters you’ll need for your home will depend on the amount of rainfall your area tends to receive. In regions that see frequent rainstorms, six- to seven-inch gutters are ideal, but in areas that have a moderate climate, five-inch gutters are usually enough.

    3. “What gutter material should I get?” This will depend on your budget. Some gutter materials, such as copper and zinc, are costlier but offer a longer service life. Your choice of gutter style is also a factor. Seamless, K-style gutters, for example, are usually made of aluminum or galvanized steel. Half-round gutters, with their classic design, use copper as the primary material.

    4. “How long does the gutter installation take?” With iRestore Stl on the job, your gutter installation may take a maximum of two days barring unforeseen circumstances. The first day is used to remove the old gutters and prepare the work site for the new ones. The actual installation and cleanup is done on the second day.

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