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    Your gutters are an important asset of your home. Not only do they improve your home’s aesthetic appeal, but they also catches the rainwater that runs off your roof and diverts it away from your home, preventing water damage in the process. As a homeowner, it’s in your best interest that you know everything you can about your gutters, and that includes the installation practices that professionals follow.

    1. Cut Out the Downspout Outlet  When installing gutter systems, most installers tend to cut the downspout outlet out of the gutter instead of using a small section with the outlet already installed. That way, they can eliminate two seams from the gutter, allowing it to look neater and more finished.

    2. Join Sections on the Ground  Another gutter installation practice that pros often follow is joining the sections from the ground level. This is because gutter installation experts say that doing so is safer and easier compared to doing it on the ladder.

    3. Use a Material List  Before they set out for their client’s home, experts use a material list to compile everything they need for the job. That way, they can ensure that their truck is loaded properly before they even leave, preventing them from forgetting an important component that they may need to get the job done.

    4. Use Screws to Install Downspout  Finally, gutter installation professionals also often use screws to install downspouts instead of the standard rivets. This is because, by using screws, removing the downspout for cleaning can be done much easier and faster.

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