Fraud Blocker 4 Gutter Care and Maintenance Tips for the Summer Season

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    Gutters need care and maintenance, much like the other parts of your home’s exterior. Regular maintenance can help ensure reliable performance all year round. In today’s post, local residential roofing and gutter company iRestore Stl shares some tips on gutter maintenance for the season.

    1. Keep the gutters clean. Debris such as leaves and twigs can accumulate in the gutter troughs and cause clogging, which causes corrosion from standing water. The moisture in the gutters can also make it a home for insects and other pests. Gutter cleaning can be done once a year, but you may need to do it more often if you have trees on your property. While it is perfectly fine to clean your gutters yourself, you can hire gutter cleaning professionals like iRestore Stl for better results. Also, consider having gutter protection systems or gutter covers to keep your gutters clear.

    2. Conduct regular inspections. Visual inspections are helpful when you’re trying to determine if it’s time to clean, repair or maintain your gutters. Gutter inspections can safely be done from the ground using a pair of binoculars. Take note of signs of corrosion, such as holes and brown streaks, particularly near the joints. To inspect the insides of the gutter troughs, use a mirror or, if you have the equipment, a remote-controlled drone with a camera. Your roof can also benefit from regular inspections and may even prevent an unplanned roof replacement if you spot early signs of roof damage.

    3. Don’t overlook the downspouts. Many people overlook the downspouts, but they’re just as important as the other parts of the gutter system. Pay them the same level of attention during your inspections, and make sure that water flows freely through them. You can use a garden hose to splash water on the roof and test the downspouts.

    4. Trim overhanging branches. Keeping a clearance of at least 10 feet between the rooftop and the outermost branches has many benefits: it can help reduce the amount of leaves that fall into the gutters, prevent damage caused by scratches and prevent small animals from getting onto the roof. If you’re unsure how to trim the branches without harming the tree, have it trimmed by a professional arborist.


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