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    Even if you had your gutters replaced recently, that doesn’t mean you can put off routine maintenance until it’s absolutely necessary. Maintenance is important in keeping your gutters in good, shape especially since they’re always exposed to the natural elements. Certain issues can unexpectedly happen to your gutters, so they may need immediate attention and repair to prevent further damage to your residential roofing system.

    residential roofing gutter repair

    Here’s how we take care of some of the most common gutter issues:

    Water Pooling Near Your Downspouts

    Downspouts that are dumping rainwater right at the base of the exterior walls can become a major issue if left unaddressed. As water pools and soaks into the soil, it will slowly work its way into the foundation and cause damage.

    If this is already happening to your downspouts, it’s important to direct the rainwater away from your home. With our services, we can install a diverter that fits onto the bottom of your downspout. We can also install recoiling diverters that can unfurl as soon as running water hits them and carry it away from your home.

    Sagging Gutter Problems

    When your gutters are full of water, they can become heavy. This can put stress on more flexible materials like aluminum, vinyl and galvanized steel. Gutters can begin to bend and sag and their hangers loosen. If this is already happening to your gutters, you can be sure that they’re not doing a good job of draining rainwater as efficiently as in the past. If left unaddressed, the standing water will cause damage, and you’ll eventually end up with a full roof replacement.

    To fix a sagging gutter, we’ll first determine whether there are signs of standing water or water marks along its inner sides. A well-built gutter system should have its gutters drop about 1/4 inch for every 10 feet of run toward the downspouts. But if we find part of your gutters sagging, we’ll either replace the hangers or re-seat them depending on how they’re installed.

    When you’re looking for an excellent gutter and storm damage roof contractor, you can count on the services offered by iRestore Stl. Call us today at (618) 593-9203, or fill out our convenient online contact form. We serve Swansea and surrounding areas.

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