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    You’ll want to keep tabs on your gutters. There are plenty of things that can damage them, not only compromising their draining performance, but also leaving your home more susceptible to excess water exposure. To properly deal with the problems created by gutter damage, you’ll need to first determine what has caused them in the first place. 

    Gutter Damage

    Here are some of the most common reasons for gutter damage:

    1. Congestion: Homeowners are all too familiar with clogged gutters. This occurs when leaves, pine needles, bird’s nests and other loose debris end up inside the system, creating blockages that hamper the way it drains runoff. The combination of backed-up water and debris accumulation creates strain on the gutters, causing them to pull away from the roofline over time.

    What to do: Simply keep the gutters clear of debris through regular cleaning or by investing in an effective gutter protection system. 

    1. Improper installation: Gutter installation looks simple on paper, but it actually takes precise workmanship. Correct pitching, gutter size, number of  downspouts and other important factors have to be taken into account. Gutters that aren’t installed properly either become misaligned and start sagging in the middle, or separate entirely from the roof. 

    What to do: Make sure to work with a trusted residential roofing and gutter company like iRestore Stl for the job. We have the training and expertise to install your gutters perfectly right the first time, ensuring their superior and long-lasting performance. 

    1. Weather damage: The damage that inclement weather can cause your gutters is instant. Hailstorms can leave dents and cracks in the gutter material while high winds can loosen (or even tear away) the system from its hangers and the fascia board. During a harsh winter, ice dams may also form on the gutters, the additional weight they create increasing the risk of gutter collapse. 

    What to do: You can be proactive about gutter cleaning and maintenance. But if the system has sustained severe damage from inclement weather, the more ideal solution will be gutter replacement. 

    Your Trusted Gutter Replacement Company

    Aside from storm damage roof repair, iRestore Stl also specializes in gutter replacement. With our top-tier options and superior workmanship, we’ll make sure your new gutters can withstand any weather condition and provide the reliable draining performance you’ve come to expect. Call us today at (618) 593-9203, or fill out this contact form to schedule your gutter evaluation. We proudly serve Edwardsville, IL, and the nearby areas.

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