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    If your existing roof has already reached the end of their service life, the only thing left to do is to have it replaced. But before your contractor readies the old roofing material for disposal, ask if you can take the pieces instead. There are actually quite a few ways to reuse them, which not only gives you a fun project to do over the weekend, but also allows you to limit the amount of waste ending up in landfills. 

    Reuse Old Roofing Materials

    1. Walkways: Did you know that you can reuse old asphalt shingles to create a walkway? Take the salvageable bits from the pile, and lay them down brick-style over an existing mulch path. This makes the walkway sturdier while adding a lovely and unique look to your landscape design.

    1. Doormats: From tough and versatile residential roofing to a firm and functional doormat? Yes, this is actually possible with old asphalt shingles. Imagine what your doormat will look like. Hold that vision, and assemble the roofing material you need. With the shingles’ rougher parts facing down, assemble them into the shape you have in mind. Then, use hot glue to connect the shingles together. Once they’re dry, spray paint the smoother parts of the shingles, and that’s it – now you have a doormat.

    1. Artwork: Keep your creative juices flowing by reusing old asphalt shingles as an alternative art material. All you need to do is wash the dirt off the roofing material, and wait for them to dry. You can then cut out shaped pieces of the shingles to create a multi-medium artwork, or you can apply the primer to the material, which you can then paint over with whatever design you like.

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