Fraud Blocker 3 Things That Can Increase the Cost of Your Roof Replacement

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    Preparing a budget is one of the most important things you need to do before taking on a roof replacement project. Normally, a roofing budget accounts for the material and labor costs, permitting fees, and cleanup and disposal expenses. However, it is a real possibility that construction may uncover additional costs that are beyond your control, which is why it is crucial to include a buffer for unexpected issues.

    Here are three factors that can unexpectedly increase the cost of your roofing project.

    1. Evidence of Leaks, Rot and Mold

    In some cases, leaks in the roof can go unnoticed until all the shingles are removed. These leaks can cause extensive damage to your roofing structure, like rot in the rafters and other wooden components. Mold growth and termite infestation can also bring trouble, especially in humid areas. Correcting these issues can quickly inflate the budget of your project by hundreds of dollars.

    2. Bringing the Roof Up to Code

    While your residential roofing system may have been built to meet decades-old building construction standards, those codes may no longer apply to new construction. In this case, bringing your roof up to code is a necessary step to ensure the safety of your project and improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of your home. But this also means having an additional expense to factor into the overall cost.

    3. Roof Upgrades

    During installation, your contractor may find that upgrades to other elements of your roofing system are essential. Common roof upgrades include the installation of low-maintenance seamless gutters, the addition of roofing ventilation and the use of a completely waterproof type of roof underlayment. Discuss these options with your contractor as they can help you maximize the value of your roof while staying within your budget.

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