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    Your roof covers and protects your home from the elements. It is your first line of defense against extreme weather conditions. It is precisely because of its role and location that your roof is prone to suffer damage from various threats, such as wind, snow and debris.

    Today, we discuss five of the greatest threats to your roof and what you can do about them.

    1. Animals 

    Birds, raccoons and squirrels can be harmful to your roofing. They can nest and hibernate in your attic or soffit – which can potentially damage your roof due to the debris and moisture these creatures may leave behind.

    2. Debris 

    Branches, leaves and twigs could end up on your roof, especially if your home is surrounded by trees. If you’re not cleaning your roof regularly, these things can accumulate on your roof over time and attract moisture. This dampness will likely cause your shingles to deteriorate more quickly and the inner layers of your roof to rot or become infested with mold. Make sure to trim nearby trees and clean your gutters and roof so you can avoid dirt and debris buildup.

    3. Strong Winds

    High winds can lift shingles at the edges, exposing your roof’s inner components to the elements. This will make your roofing system more susceptible to damage. Make sure your roof shingles are securely attached to the sheathing so they won’t lift or get blown off easily during a storm. To prevent storm damage roof, you can check the condition of your shingles through regular roof inspections and maintenance.

    4. Snow

    If your roof has an uneven temperature, snow could melt on the warmer roof surfaces and then refreeze on the colder parts, usually at the edges, forming ice dams. This freeze/thaw cycle exposed your roof to moisture, which could eventually result in leaks and water-related damage. Ensure your attic is properly ventilated and insulated so that the temperature of your roof remains consistent.

    5. Improper installation 

    A poorly installed roof means the contractor did not comply with the manufacturer’s requirements. Faulty roof installation could lead to a host of problems, such as flashing failure and leaks. That said, make sure you’re hiring a roofer who has adequate experience and a good reputation in the industry.

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