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    Every homeowner will have to plan for a roof replacement at least once. This could be due to the roof’s age, normal wear and tear, or storm damage. But regardless of the cause that necessitated a replacement, it’s important to have a good understanding of your options, especially if you are thinking of switching to a new roof material.


    cost of metal roofing

    One of the best choices that you might be considering is metal roofing. This type of roof comes with several benefits, but it can also be pricey.

    Durability and Longevity

    Metal roofing is known for having excellent durability and a long service life. With proper maintenance and no incident of storm damage, a metal roof can last for 35 years or even up to 50 years. But if you don’t really see yourself staying in your current home for 30 or 50 years, you can still benefit from the recouped value of a metal roof, which could be around 90%. Metal roofing is also considered to be highly energy-efficient, so you can also make the most of your savings on energy bills and home insurance premiums.


    Metal roofing tends to be more expensive than asphalt roofing, which is another popular roofing option among homeowners. This is mainly because of the cost of installation since metal roofs require more specific expertise, skills and equipment. Furthermore, the process of metal roof replacement can be more delicate, with each component requiring accuracy and precise measurements.

    Another factor that you should consider in determining the cost of metal roofing is the type of metal to be used. A 24-gauge Galvalume® roof is usually the cheapest option metal roof material. For mid-range prices, your choices are aluminum and stainless steel. If you want the premium option, you can choose between copper and zinc.

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