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    Roof leaks need to be fixed as soon as possible. Otherwise, moisture damage can easily affect other parts of your home and complicate what should have been straightforward repairs. That’s why it’s important for homeowners to at least have a basic understanding of the warning signs of roof leaks.

    1. Ceiling Stains, Damp Walls and Peeling or Bubbling Wallpaper

    These are signs that the water that has been accumulating in parts of your roof managed to make its way to your ceilings and walls.

    2. Mold

    Yellow, brown and copper-colored stains usually indicate water damage while black and green spots on your ceiling are usually a sign there’s mold growing in your home. Moisture and mold damage usually go hand in hand because mold thrives in humid environments. If you notice black spots on your ceiling or musty smells in your attic, you should have one of your local roof replacement contractors conduct an inspection. The sooner mold damage is detected and mold-damaged components are replaced, the lower the risk mold affects other parts of your home.

    3. Rusty or Leaky Gutters

    Your gutters serve as your roof’s first line of defense against the elements. However, they won’t be able to do their job of diverting rainwater away if they have leaks or are clogged with debris.

    The Importance of Routine Inspections 

    Keep in mind not all the warning signs are visible. For instance, water stains could be hidden within walls and beneath floors. That’s why it’s important to schedule routine roof inspections. As a general rule, your roof should be inspected at least twice a year. Through routine maintenance and inspections, your roofers can detect and fix roof damage before they affect other parts of your home.

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