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    It’s important to carefully plan out your home’s exterior design. If you’re going for a mixed-texture exterior, then you may be wondering which combination you should choose. This is where you’ll need to work with an experienced exterior contractor like iRestore Stl so you can make the most out of your project. With our services, we’ll help you choose the right design for your home’s exterior!

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    The Right Profile and Texture

    The right stone profile is typically the first thing you need to consider as it will be the foundation of your home’s exterior design. If it’s a large area of stone, we suggest going for a larger stone profile, such as field stone or cobblestone. But if it’s a smaller application, or you prefer smaller stone profiles, you can go for ledgestone.

    You’ll also need to consider how the stone profile will be applied. Will it be the typical horizontal application or a more random placement? This is important because it will influence the type of siding material you’re going to use in your exterior home design. Common types of placement include classic, cubist, stacked and mosaic.

    Will your profile be a smooth finish or a more rugged appearance? Having a stone and siding profile with a similar texture won’t add that much visual impact to your home. Instead, get a smooth finish on one profile and a textured material on the other to make it stand out.

    The Right Color Palette

    If you want to draw more focus to your home’s exterior, you’ll need to choose a color palette that consists of at least two or three hues. With a two-siding exterior design, this should effectively highlight the distinctiveness of the two siding systems since the colors signify the material change. You can work with your trusted siding contractors as they’ll help you decide which color combination can work best for your home’s exterior.

    There’s no need to overthink when matching your stone profile and siding; you won’t really be able to tell where the stone starts and the siding ends when you’re looking at your home from the street. Just make sure you choose a dark stone profile with a light-colored siding material or vice versa. Sticking to a light versus dark color principle between the two siding systems will help make your home’s exterior architecture stand out even from a distance!

    When it comes to siding and storm damage roof repairs, iRestore Stl has got you covered. Call us today at (618) 593-9203, or fill out our convenient online contact form. We serve Edwardsville and neighboring areas.

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