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The main purpose of the gutters is to capture rainwater and snowmelt coming off the roof and channel it a safe distance away from your property via the downspouts. That means that at any given time, all the components of the gutter system must be in good working condition in order to perform this crucial function efficiently. One of those components is the leader head. This is the enlargement, catch basin or box secured at the top of the downspout. It is used to capture water runoff from the rain guttering or roof scuppers of a building.

Importance of Gutter Leader Heads

A gutter leader head can make or break the projected image of your home. In fact, the right leader head can upgrade the value and curb appeal of your property since it is often regarded as the finishing touch to a complete gutter system. With its color, design and placement, it puts everything else in perspective, blending with the facade and providing a complimentary boost to the exteriors.

Since the primary function of the gutter leader head is to transport water from the rooftops safely to the underground drainage system, homeowners can save on having to install more plumbing.

Market research has shown that many people would readily pay more for a house with a leader head. So, if you’re looking to make your property stand out, installing a quality leader head may be the way to go.

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