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The roofing industry continues to expand, thanks to innovations that maximize the use of technology for manufacturing, installation and customer service. There are a number of technology trends in the roofing industry.

  1. Drone Technology — Drones may have started out as a toy, but they have practical uses in certain industries. Online retailers use drones for deliveries while filmmakers are using drones for aerial shots that previously required helicopters. Roofing contractors have also been using drones to perform roofing inspections, using high-resolution cameras to take footage for later review. This also helps reduce the risks often associated with climbing the roof.

  1. Augmented Reality — Augmented reality is a recent technology developed by smartphone manufacturers that allow live video to be overlaid with anything from funny animal shapes to virtual game environments. The same technology allows residential roofing contractors to create a virtual roof installation that lets customers see how their new roof will look like. While “visualizer” applications have been around, augmented reality technology lets the user point a smartphone or tablet at their home, “install” a new roof and view it from any angle, live.

  1. Solar Panel Roofing — It’s no secret that solar panels are not exactly flattering to a home. The heavy, bulky panels add weight to the roof and could pose a risk of wind damage if not installed properly. But thanks to solar roofing technologies developed by roofing manufacturer GAF, you can have a solar roof that integrates with the rest of the roof. Their DecoTech® System looks like it sits flat on the roof, almost like an oversized skylight. It poses less risk of wind damage as the solar panels are designed to be installed with a new roof.

  1. Digital Contracts — Digital signatures have become a trusted and secure way to sign documents and have helped ease the paperwork associated with roofing replacement or repair. Roofing contractors like us can provide a written estimate on the spot, which can be amended if the homeowner wants to make changes and revisions before signing it.

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