Fraud Blocker How Long Does Gutter Replacement Take?

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    As gutter and roof replacement contractors, our clients often ask us about their project timelines. Gutter replacement is no exception, even though it is a comparatively simple project compared to bigger ones like roof or siding installation. In today’s post, local gutter company iRestore Stl shares a look at a typical gutter installation timeline.

    Assessment and Planning: One to Two Days

    The initial consultation involves an inspection of the existing gutter system and determining factors like the total length of the gutter troughs. The fascia’s condition will also be assessed, as the gutter hangers will be attached to this part of the roof. Options such as gutter materials and profile will be discussed with the homeowner. The consultation usually only takes about an hour, at the end of which the homeowner will receive an estimate.

    Preparations: One to Two Weeks

    After the client signs the contract and makes a downpayment, the gutter design and plans will be rendered, materials will be ordered, and paperwork, including building permits, will be applied for. The contractor will require one to two weeks to prepare for the project. This period can be affected by factors such as supplier location, complexity of the project, and whether or not it’s the busy season. Nevertheless, a good gutter contractor should be able to give an accurate estimate of the timeline and be able to start on the promised installation day.

    Installation: One to Three Days

    On installation day, the first task is to remove the old gutters. On an average home, gutter installers take about a few hours to do this, while it may take an entire day on larger buildings. Installation proper begins with another inspection of the fascia boards to ensure a clean installation — they may need to be replaced if found in poor condition.

    Quality Inspection and Clean-Up: One Day

    The contractor may send a quality inspector to make sure that the installation is carried out as planned, and corrections will be made on the spot if needed. A housing inspector may also visit and conduct a separate inspection for code compliance. The contractor may also conduct a walkthrough for the client. Worksite clean-up is usually done during this time, unless a separate contractor is hired for waste disposal. The contractor will follow up shortly to collect the final payment and complete the warranty paperwork.

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