Fraud Blocker Why Roofing Hail Damage Should Not be Ignored

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    A hail-damaged roof may not look as bad as a storm-damaged roof, but it should nevertheless bear the same care and attention. In today’s post, the local roofers at iRestore Stl discuss the reasons why the damage caused by hailstones should not be ignored.

    It Can Cause Moisture Infiltration

    Hailstones can hit the rooftop hard enough to create cracks or divots on the outer roofing layer. They’re usually small enough to be easily overlooked from the ground, but this kind of damage may let moisture infiltrate the underlying layers. As roofs are mostly made of materials that are vulnerable to moisture damage. Timber, plywood, insulation, fasteners — all of these can rot or corrode with prolonged exposure to moisture. The presence of moisture in hidden areas of the roof can also cause mold growth, which can spread to the other parts of the house and affect indoor air quality.

    It Can Accelerate Roofing Wear

    The dents caused by hail impact can result in accelerated wear, which can lead to an unplanned roof replacement. On asphalt shingles, the small cracks can expose the asphalt-soaked backing material to UV radiation from the sun. Combined with continued exposure to outdoor conditions, asphalt shingles could wear out faster, resulting in a shorter service life. On metal roofing systems, hailstone impact may pierce the outer coating and expose the bare metal layer to corrosion.

    It Can Affect Your Home’s Curb Appeal

    Sometimes, hail damage can be so severe or widespread that they’re visible from the ground, which can affect your home’s curb appeal. If you’re planning on selling your home, a visibly damaged rooftop can make your home less attractive to potential buyers.

    You May Not Be Able to File an Insurance Claim

    Most homeowners’ insurance policies have coverage for hail damage, but they often have a small window for filing a claim. This means putting off inspections may make you ineligible for coverage, and you might end up paying for the costs of fixing or replacing it out of your own pocket.

    To ensure continued reliable performance, have your roof inspected by a residential roofing professional after a hailstorm hits your area. Learn more about what iRestore Stl can do for you by calling us at (618) 593-9203. You can also fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation. We serve Swansea, IL, and the surrounding communities.

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