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    Having a smooth roofing project depends on its communication, organization and planning. As such, it’s better to prepare and plan ahead as much as possible as well as anticipate any possible delays during the residential roofing process. 

    Common Roofing Delays

    Harsh weather conditions don’t mix well with roofing work. Wet roof surfaces can be slippery and create deadly conditions for workers, who often have to keep their balance on angled decking and tall ladders. Even cold weather can make the job go more slowly, especially if workers have to bundle up with layer upon layer just to keep warm.

    Your hired roof replacement contractor may also encounter unforeseen problems during the renovation process. For instance, after your old roofing is stripped down to the roof deck, it gets thoroughly inspected. At this time, certain issues are easily seen, and they usually have to be addressed and repaired before installing your new roof.

    Material delays can also put a damper on your roof; your roofers simply won’t have anything to work on if all the needed roofing materials haven’t arrived yet. When planning your project, you’ll need to know whether your materials will be forklifted onto the roof or whether the roofers must carry each piece to the site themselves, which can become time-consuming to the project.

    How to Keep Your Project on Schedule

    • Stay on Top of the Weather Although it’s difficult to predict every weather event, you can get a more precise idea of what’s headed for your area by using satellite weather monitoring systems. You can do this by listening to the local weather news in your area and making use of reliable weather apps, such as Weather Underground and The Weather Channel.
    • Have a Designated Foreman on Your Project Your roofing project needs a supervisor to keep an eye on the job as a whole and make sure everything stays on schedule. This person is known as a foreman in the construction business, and the supervisor oversees the materials delivery, ensures that your project has enough manpower and plans out the work ahead of time so that everything stays on track.
    • Ensure That Your Material Deliveries Are Planned Properly Make sure your contractor has a plan in place to deliver materials ahead of time so that everything is there when the workers come to the site. That means getting to know the delivery time frames for the specially ordered products needed for your project and ensuring that the required materials are onsite before any work begins.

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