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    Your asphalt shingle roofing has three important functions: to defend against ultraviolet (UV) rays, to add to your home’s aesthetic appeal and to provide fire protection. However, its granules lose adhesion over time, especially when it’s exposed to natural wear and tear conditions, including wind, rain, hail and even foot traffic. If you happen to notice granule loss on your shingle roof, it doesn’t really mean you’re due for a replacement, but you may need to have it checked by a residential roofing  professional.

    Some of the reasons asphalt shingles lose granules include:

    Your Roof Is Nearing Its End

    Older roofs typically experience more shingle granule loss when they’re practically at the end of their lifespan. They’re basically at a point where the bond between the granules and the asphalt shingle are already becoming loose, which allows the granules to fall off gradually. If your granules are already falling off due to roof age, you should have it replaced as soon as possible.

    Your Roof Has Blistered Shingles

    Blistering shingles are caused by moisture getting stuck underneath, which is a result of aging, wear and tear, or even weather events, such as rain or hail storms. Depending on how much blistered shingles you have on your roof, you may need an extensive repair or a full roof replacement.

    Your Roof Is Still New

    It’s not uncommon to experience slight granule loss even after having a new roof installed. During the manufacturing process, excess granules tend to bond with the embedded granules, which can fall off during packaging, shipping or even installation. Usually, there’s nothing to worry about since it stops after a while, but if you notice that you’re losing granules more than normal, then you’ll need to call your roofer.

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