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    The lifespan of your home’s gutter system depends on several factors, particularly the type of material and the level of maintenance it receives. Aluminum and galvanized steel, two of the most popular gutter materials, usually last 20 years on average. Gutters made of premium materials like copper tend to last up to 50 years. However, these estimations can be affected by the amount of upkeep. Expect poorly-maintained gutters to have a shortened lifespan, necessitating early replacement.

    Here are some tips to extend the service life of your new gutters.

    Ensure Proper Sizing

    A correctly-sized gutter system should be able to handle the amount of rainfall your local area receives in a year. Taking this factor into consideration helps ensure the longevity of your gutters. Installing gutters of the wrong size may lead to roof damage.

    Trim Surrounding Trees

    Consider trimming the tree branches touching or hanging above your roof and gutters. In doing so, you prevent gutter clogs, preserve your roof’s structural integrity and minimize the chances of storm damage.

    Keep the Gutters Clean

    Debris-free gutters work more efficiently as they direct rainwater runoff away from your home. Cleaning your gutters can be done at least twice a year in the spring and during autumn, though you have the option to do this home maintenance task often.

    Install Gutter Covers

    Blockage occurs when leaves, twigs and other organic debris fall and collect inside your gutters. When it rains, water may back up until it pools near your roof and spills out to your home’s landscaping. Consider equipping your gutters with guards or covers that filter any form of debris to avoid damage to your home’s exterior and help your gutters last long.

    If you suspect that your gutters need some work, iRestore Stl is the company to call. We’ll inspect your system and, if your gutters need to be updated, guide you to the right solution for your budget and property. We also specialize in siding and roof replacement. Call (618) 593-9203, or fill out our contact form. We serve Swansea, IL, and the surrounding communities.

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