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A little bit of preparation goes a long way in protecting your home from damage caused by sudden summer storms. Here are some tips on how to prevent or minimize damage from sudden summer storms.

Keep Your Gutters Clean

You need to make sure that your gutters are 100% functional in case of a storm. You don’t want to have rainwater overflowing and possibly causing damage to your house foundations or flooding your basement. Perform regular gutter inspections and scheduled gutter cleaning and maintenance at least twice a year. You should also consider investing in gutter protection systems. In addition to preventing leaves and debris from clogging your gutters, gutter protection systems also help reduce gutter maintenance requirements.

Trim Surrounding Trees

Sharp tree branches could poke the roofing surface and scrape the asphalt shingle granule layer or the outer coating on metal roofs. Scratches can be accelerated by wind during a storm and may lead to a premature roof replacement or extensive repairs. The same branches may also let small animals like squirrels gain access to your roof. Hire an arborist to trim the tree branches, and create a 10-foot clearance from the roof.

Clear Loose Objects in the Yard

Toys, tools and other small objects can be carried by the wind during a storm, turning them into projectiles that could break the windows or embed themselves in the siding. Make it a point to put these objects away in containers and tool boxes.

Install Storm Doors and Window Shutters

Storm doors and window shutters protect your doors and windows from the damage caused by wind and impact. Even traditional wood shutters can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Before you dismiss this as an additional expense, keep in mind that shutters are easier to repair and/or replace than windows. Shutters can even help improve your home’s energy efficiency by adding an extra layer of protection from extreme temperatures.

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